Credit Card Debt

Relief From Compounding Credit Card Debt

Facing compounding credit card debts causes tremendous stress and anxiety. As the credit card debt compounds, it can quickly become insurmountable. For many people, this situation can feel a little like drowning in a sea of debt, with no lifeline and no land in sight.

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I am Jennifer LaRese. With nearly a decade of experience, I have helped many clients in Southbury and throughout the areas of New Haven County, Litchfield County and Fairfield County, Connecticut, in finding debt relief solutions.

The Dangers Of Credit Card Debt

Consumer credit cards are among the most dangerous forms of credit in our country today. Unwary consumers often get trapped in high-interest credit debt. The biggest problem with this type of debt is that the interest on the unpaid principal compounds exponentially, increasing debt at an alarming rate every month. What starts as a simple credit card purchase can quickly become a tremendous financial burden.

I can help you explore a number of options for relief from excessive credit card debt, including:

  • Bankruptcy: Depending on your circumstances, either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be a solution for your credit card debts.
  • Discussion with credit card companies: In some cases, I can talk with the credit card company to alter the terms of the credit card agreement. In some cases, lower monthly payment, forbearance and other options could be available.
  • Discussions with the collections agencies: Although an attorney is not required for discussions with collections agencies, my experience and knowledge in these matters has been a tremendous help for many of my clients.

Since I have worked with collections agencies so many times, I know the terms they need to hear and what to expect from these discussions. I can work to find you an outcome that will be manageable for you.

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