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January 2018 Archives

Bankruptcy as a useful tool of debt relief

For many Americans, debt can be a daunting and sometimes insurmountable obstacle in day-to-day life. Experts here in Connecticut and elsewhere often attribute debt problems to poor planning, but it is equally likely that a family could benefit from debt relief if they have incurred medical debt or other unsecured debt that could not be helped. Thankfully, there are a variety of forms of bankruptcy filing that can remove the specter of debt from a family's financial purview. 

Dry cleaning chain files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

A popular chain of dry cleaners based in a neighboring state is closing its locations following a bankruptcy filing, according to business news. Sort LLC, the parent company of a dry cleaning company in Massachusetts, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The company is currently working to ensure all customers' belongings are returned to them. As some Connecticut business owners can attest, filing for bankruptcy in the face of serious debt can sometimes be the most fiscally responsible decision an owner can make. 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy to aid furniture shop owners

A long-standing tourist attraction on a quaint New England main street is closing up shop, according to local business news. LaFlamme's, a furniture store in a rural part of a nearby state, has been a mainstay of the local business scene for some 50 years. However, its ownership has decided to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, citing unmanageable debt. Connecticut business owners may recognize this as a difficult but ultimately positive step for the owners to take to ensure their ability to compete effectively in the free market. 

How Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help

Debt is on the minds of a lot of Americans following what is often a costly holiday season. Connecticut residents may have spent more than they intended on gifts this year, leading some to re-evaluate their spending habits. But for some residents, debt is a far more challenging issue to overcome. In those circumstances, an experienced attorney can hep to determine how best to handle their debt issues, and for some, this could mean Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief. 

Seeking debt relief following the holiday season

The end of the calendar year is a time of celebration for many faiths the country over. Connecticut residents may be tempted to overspend during the holiday season in an effort to spread goodwill and generosity to friends and family, but this can also land them in a serious debt problem moving into 2018. Thankfully, debt relief options are available that range from consolidation to bankruptcy.