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November 2018 Archives

Debt relief: How credit scores are affected by paying off loans

Many consumers in Connecticut and around the nation are concerned with their credit scores. Higher scores result in more favorable rates for large ticket purchases and a broader selection of options for financing. On the other hand, lower scores may have occurred for those overwhelmed with bills and in situations where they need debt relief. Experts have weighed in on how paying off loans can affect one's credit score.

Does filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 affect bank accounts?

There have been many signs that the economy is improving nationally, thus creating positive financial outlooks for many Connecticut residents and others around the country. However, for others, there have been continuing monetary hardships with little hope for recovery. Some consumers elect to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to wipe the slate clean and get a new start with their finances. Regardless of the type someone files, there will be questions about the bankruptcy process and how it may affect one's financial situation.

Debt relief: Credit cards can be useful financial tool

Most Connecticut residents and others around the country see the benefits in maintaining good credit scores. Having high scores is advantageous when an individual seeks to buy a home, vehicle or other large ticket items. For many, opening credit card accounts is an excellent way to establish good financial practices and start building a strong credit history. Unfortunately, some consumers have problems using credit cards over time and may eventually have to seek debt relief to alleviate their financial burdens.

Debt relief: Changes to credit reporting for medical bills

Health care costs have skyrocketed for the majority of Connecticut residents and others around the nation. Despite having insurance, most consumers realize they do not have adequate coverage to pay for treatment of a catastrophic illness or recovery from a serious injury. Many individuals wind up with mountains of medicals bills, significant balances and long-term financial obligations for which they must seek debt relief. However, some recent changes to the way information is sent and recorded on credit reports could alleviate some concerns.

Understanding the process of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Debt is one of the most challenging issues facing most American families. Here in Connecticut and elsewhere in the country, hundreds of thousands of families are facing insurmountable debt in the form of credit cards, medical expenses and more. Thankfully, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing can help to relieve that financial pressure by forgiving some debts and helping to repay others.