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July 2019 Archives

Many fear credit score damage after Chapter 7

Many Connecticut residents who are struggling with significant debt likely have numerous worries that stem from that particular issue. They may worry about their daily needs, fear that creditors will call and have concerns that even if they do take steps to manage their debt, their credit scores will suffer permanent damage. All of these fears are valid, but fortunately, when it comes to credit scores, the effects of Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be mitigated.

Seeking debt relief for credit card debt

Credit card debt is among the most difficult types of debt to erase, considering high interest rates and monthly payments. Connecticut residents understand the challenges associated with carrying debt, as the average household carries some $8,000 or more in credit cards alone. For those seeking debt relief, there are a variety of options, from consolidation to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

Are you looking for mortgage loan debt relief?

Financial struggles happen to many people across the country, including here in Connecticut. When your situation makes it difficult to meet your mortgage loan obligations, you probably become fearful that you could lose your home. If that happens, you may be able to take advantage of several mortgage loan debt relief options.

Some millennials in need of debt relief due to credit card debt

Millennials in Connecticut and elsewhere around the country have come of age in a financially turbulent time. They have seen major economic downturns and soaring levels of national debt. Many of this demographic group are bewildered about their own personal debt, whether it be student loans, mortgages or credit card balances. In fact, recent studies show that more millennials are in need of debt relief as a result of their handling of credit card debt.

Finding debt relief may not be as easy as debt settlement claims

Struggling with debt issues is not an unknown concept to many Connecticut residents. Unfortunately, any number of events could lead to a person facing insurmountable bills and accrued debt that leaves them feeling lost. Luckily, finding debt relief is not impossible, but it is important not to be taken in by options that may not help.