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Debt Relief Archives

State senator suggests tying student loan debt relief to jobs

Many Connecticut residents and others around the nation are saddled with debt from student loans. Students frequently need funding to complete their educations and loans are often readily available. Unfortunately, it proves difficult for some to repay the loans after graduation while in entry-level jobs. A state senator in another state has suggested a way to provide debt relief to those struggling with student loan debt, while potentially boosting his area's economy.

Debt relief may be needed more for certain age groups

Excessive amounts of debt wreak havoc on the financial well-being of many Connecticut consumers and others who reside elsewhere. Recent reports show that certain age groups have incurred larger amounts of debt than others. Yet, regardless of age and demographic group, the burden of carrying a lot of debt may prompt some to seek debt relief in a variety of ways.

Credit card deliquencies rising, creating need for debt relief

Many Connecticut residents and others around the nation are overwhelmed with credit card debt. Recent reports show that the level of debt in the country is over $1 trillion. While most consumers are able to make their payments on time, nearly one quarter of the nation's total debt is delinquent. As some individuals seek debt relief because of these delinquencies, experts offer some insight on how this situation has evolved.

New Medical Debt Relief Act proposed by Congress

Serious accidents or unexpected illnesses can be devastating for Connecticut families and others around the country. In addition to dealing with the physical issues of recovery, many families become saddled with exorbitant medical bills. As consumers deal with these hardships, lawmakers have taken notice. In fact, a recent bill has been proposed that may provide some debt relief to those struggling with mounting medical expenses.

Debt relief: How to effectively reduce credit card debt

Credit cards are a useful financial option for many Connecticut residents and others around the nation. However, their use can also wreak havoc on a person's debt levels, credit scores and overall financial health. In fact, many consumers must seek debt relief to rid themselves of the burden of credit card debt. Financial experts offer some advice on how to effectively reduce or eliminate debt from credit card usage.

Tackling debt relief concerns requires planning

Debt is one of the most stressful elements of modern life. For many Connecticut residents, carrying debts like credit card balances, auto loans and student loans can be a heavy financial load, sometimes becoming overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a variety of debt relief options available, depending on the specifics of a particular situation.

Improving credit score as part of debt relief

Credit card debt is among the most insidious and tenacious forms of debt facing American citizens today. In Connecticut and elsewhere, many families and individuals are on the lookout for debt relief due to a high-interest balance on one or more credit cards. Of course, such balances can negatively affect credit scores, which in turn influence an individual or family's ability to secure additional loans, mortgages and other financial assets crucial to long-term stability. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to improve a credit score, even after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. 

Debt relief begins with understanding of debt

It is no secret that many American families struggle with debt. Credit card debt is particularly difficult to pay down, leading some Connecticut residents to seek debt relief options. However, before considering restructuring or bankruptcy, it is important to understand one of the foundational myths about credit cards and their impact on American lives.

Seeking debt relief from credit card debt

Credit card debt is among the most frustrating types of debt to pay down, as some American citizens can speak to from personal experience. Here in Connecticut, many families seek debt relief options to mitigate the weight of spending debt. Thankfully, there are a variety of strategies to help any family, from those with minor debt to those considering bankruptcy.

The link between credit cards and debt relief

Apart from student loans, credit card debt is one of the biggest sources of money owed by the American population. Here in Connecticut, individuals and households facing serious debt problems are constantly on the lookout for debt relief options. Interestingly, there are ways to leverage the very credit card that accrued the debt in the first place. Of course, for those with crippling debt problems, multiple other options are also available.