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The most important thing you can do if you are facing serious debt problems is to call an attorney. It can be a very stressful time, and it is better to get help with financial matters sooner than later. There are options.

I take a personalized, casual approach. We can sit down together in a comfortable environment and discuss your options. I can help you find a solution that makes you feel comfortable and at ease about your financial future. Call me today at +1-203-556-9709 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.

The following are general questions you may have about debt and other topics covered. It is designed as a guide. Please note, that answers provided here might not be the answer for your particular case. Each case is different and requires a thorough review by an attorney.

Bankruptcy And Foreclosure

Q: Is bankruptcy the right solution for me?

A: Depending on the circumstances, bankruptcy may be an option. Each case requires thorough review and examination of the facts before determining if bankruptcy is the option right for you. Once an attorney makes this determination, you may consider filing for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Q: Is there a way to stop my home from being foreclosed?

A: There may be more than one solution. Bankruptcy may be able to stop your home from being foreclosed. Under bankruptcy law, once a person files for bankruptcy an “automatic stay” is placed which stops foreclosure proceeding, collection actions or repossessions. My office can assist you with a review of both options to help stop foreclosure of your home.

Q:  I am behind on my mortgage payments, should I seek help from an attorney?

A: Absolutely! An attorney can help you find a solution to your past-due mortgage payments or a potential loan modification if you qualify. My offices can provide you with the right tools you need to get back on track or guide you through the process of filing for bankruptcy.

Q: Do you currently assist clients who live outside of Connecticut with short sales and foreclosure defense?

Yes! Distance does not play a part in finding the right financial solution for our clients. Our law offices can assist with short sale matters remotely by providing you with legal guidance, resources and tools over email or fax. Call our offices today to schedule a free consultation to determine if this option may be right for you.

Credit, Debt And More

 Q: Is there a way to stop harassing phone calls from creditors?

 A: Yes! Dealing with debt collectors and creditors can be tough. However, there are many laws in place that prevent creditors from harassing you on a daily basis. It is important you know your rights. Creditors may not contact your family members about your debt; contact your employer about your debt; contact you an unreasonable number of times per day; threaten a lawsuit when no lawsuit can be filed; threaten arrest of criminal charges; or any circumstances that go beyond the scope of a creditor’s right to collect their debt. If you or a loved one feels your rights may have been violated, contact Law Offices of Jennifer LaRese, LLC, to discuss a solution and finally put a stop to harassing actions.

Q: I missed a few car payments and my lender is threatening to take my car. Can I stop car repossession?

A: Yes, but the time is act now before things get worse. When you finance a car, one of the rights a lender retains is the right to take back the car if you do not make timely payments. The most important thing you can do if you are facing serious debt problems is to call an attorney. My offices can help you create a repayment plan to help you keep your car or come up with a solution that’s right for you.

Owning A Business

Q: I have a business idea, how do I get started?

A: There are a lot of factors to consider when opening your business. From coming up with a name, deciding what kind of business entity you want to form, to filling out paperwork and setting up licenses and accounts.

Q: My business is not doing too well, what are my options?

A: Closing a business requires several formal steps depending on which business entity you filed. It is best to seek advice from an attorney about what steps you should take before closing shop. My offices can assist you with the process and help you protect your assets, wrap up a lease agreement, and more.

Pet Assistance

Q: My home has been foreclosed and I can no longer afford to take care of my pet. Who should I contact?

If you would anonymously like to find a new home for your pet or report an animal that has been left behind, please contact: +1-203-556-9709 immediately. Tell the receptionist you would like to leave an anonymous message about a pet in need. 

My firm is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


Do not face your debt problems alone.

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