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Excessive medical bills are becoming increasingly common. Through the costs of sudden medical emergencies, the rising costs of ongoing medical care, insurance deductibles and copays, or even expensive dental services, it is quite common for people to face medical bills that they simply can’t afford. What happens when the bills come due or collection agencies begin calling?

The answer is to call our medical bill debt attorneys in Southbury right away. If you are unable to clear your medical debts while meeting your monthly expenses, do not let your debt continue to pile up. At LaRese Law, we can help you explore debt relief solutions and help you find a fresh financial start. Sleep better at night, knowing you are taking control over your financial future.

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What Are the Consequences of Medical Debt?

Medical debt can have severe and widespread consequences. In fact, at least 60% percent of bankruptcies that occur in the U.S. actually arise from medical costs.

Some of the unfortunate consequences of these excessive medical debts include:

  • People facing foreclosure as a result of their inability to pay their mortgage due to rising medical costs
  • Lower credit scores from failure to pay these bills in a timely manner
  • Constant letters and phone calls from harassing creditors causing a rise in stress and anxiety

Ways Our Medical Debt Attorneys Can Resolve Your Financial Pain

It is important to remember that even though thousands of people are struggling with medical debt, no two cases are exactly the same. This is why it is so important to hire one of our qualified lawyers, who have years of experience successfully tailoring legal strategies to meet individual clients’ needs.

How we can help:

  • Disputing bills – We can examine the exact bills and challenge creditors on possible overcharges, mistaken fees, or illegitimate costs. We also help to ensure accurate billing with your insurance carrier.
  • Halt creditor harassment – In many cases, creditors will harass you with multiple letters, calls, and emails, just adding to your stress, or even prompting you to take ineffective, hasty actions simply to get rid of the harassment. We can use these violations as evidence that your charges should be reduced.
  • Aggressive representation – We can work to highlight your financial situation to help bring a resolution that's in your best interest.

In-Depth Experience Helping Clients throughout Connecticut

From our office in Southbury, our qualified medical bill debt lawyers have been successfully representing clients throughout Connecticut for many years. We can carefully look at your debt and income situation and help you find the solution you need to get freedom from excessive medical bills.

Contact us now at (203) 774-3332 to see how LaRese Law can start resolving your medical financial pains.

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