Please note that as of June 1, 2024 Attorney LaRese has entered semi-retirement and will only be accepting certain types of new matters.

If you are a Current Client, you will not be affected by this change and your matter will still be handled by Attorney LaRese until conclusion. If you are a current client and need assistance, please send Attorney LaRese an email for faster response, or call the office at 203-556-9709.

If you have a New Matter, or have been referred to Attorney LaRese, please see below:

  • and are in need of either Bankruptcy or Debt Collection Defense representation, please contact Attorney Timothy Pletter at 203-378-6675.
  • Attorney LaRese will be accepting select new matters:
  • Real Estate Sale, Purchase or Refinance;
  • Short Sale
  • Mortgage Loan Modification
  • issues with your mortgage servicer or lender, such as misapplications, incomplete modification processing, paperwork issues or escrow account issues (Attorney LaRese is not taking any challenges to invalidate a note or mortgage)
  • foreclosure defense where you have not represented yourself in Mediation or filed an Answer on your own behalf
  • you have been the victim of a scam debt settlement or debt consolidation program
  • personal injury matters
  • real estate lien removal
  • consulting regarding a divorce case

If you have one of the above matters, please email Attorney LaRese with a brief description of your issue to or leave a detailed message 203.556.9709.

If you are a Former Client who has misplaced your bankruptcy paperwork, you can obtain any copies that you need at the bankruptcy courts located in Hartford, Bridgeport or New Haven. If you are a past client with a litigation matter and in need of information concerning any lawsuit, you can seek copies of all information from the Court Clerk’s office where your lawsuit was pending. Your local Superior Court Clerks office can guide you further. If you are a past client whose file is over 7 years old, your file has been securely destroyed according to law.