Student Loan Debt

The problem with student loans is that you have to pay them back. In today's economy, with many well-educated people facing unemployment and underemployment, it is common for graduates and their parents to face excessive student loan debt. If you are struggling with student loan debt, it can be extremely helpful to work with an experienced attorney who can help you find debt relief solutions that will work for you.

I am Jennifer LaRese, a Southbury, Connecticut, debt relief lawyer with nearly a decade of experience. I provide clients with sound legal counsel and personalized, compassionate service.

Many people try to hide from their student loans when they start falling behind in the payments. It can feel like simply too much to face. I understand the anxiety you are enduring, but these debts will not go away — in fact, they will only get worse if you don't face them now. I can help; call me at 203-583-8668 to discuss your options.

Federal Student Loans ∙ Private Student Loans

When clients come to me with excessive student loan debt, the first thing I look at is whether the primary problem is coming from federal loans, private loans or both. The truth is, many people have a combination, with some debt coming from each source, but in some cases only one of the sources is causing the problems.

As the name implies, federal loans come from the federal government. While there is not as much room for open negotiation between the lender and the debtor, the federal government does offer a number of options for people struggling to make payments, including deferment and forbearance periods, income-based payment plans (some of which will eliminate the remaining balance after a number of years) and other helpful options. I can help you explore those options and get you on the right track for setting up a more manageable payment plan for your federal student loans.

Private student loans are not funded or backed by the federal government; they are provided by banks and other private lending institutions. In many cases, there is more leeway to discuss loan modifications with private lenders. I have a wealth of experience in these matters, and I can help you work with private lenders to obtain loan conditions that are more favorable to you.

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