Is Chapter 7 an Option When Medical Bills Are Making You Sick?

Medical treatment is expensive. Even for minor injuries and illnesses, health care can come at a great cost. Connecticut readers know that even with a good insurance plan, a major accident or prolonged illness can wipe out savings and leave a family in extreme debt. Medical bills can quickly outpace your ability to pay, eventually leading to financial trouble and significant stress. However, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an option. 

Whether you needed emergency medical care, dental work or found yourself very ill and in the hospital, your recovery could come at a significant cost. Testing, lab work and even just paying your co-pay can be exorbitant. Many people struggle with medical debt, and for some, it can become a major financial struggle. Eventually, unpaid medical debt may end up in collections. 

If you are dealing with harassment from creditors, receiving phone calls and threatening letters all because of your medical debt, you are not alone. While your situation may feel hopeless, there are certain options available to you. Many Connecticut residents find that by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they can effectively deal with their debt and make the harassment and constant contact from creditors stop.

Medical debt is unsecured, which means that Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the most viable consumer bankruptcy option for you. This will allow you to deal with your debt in an organized way, all while enjoying the protection of the automatic stay. Medical bills may have taken over your life, but you would be wise to seek a full understanding of the various legal options that may be available to you.