Tax Debt

Relief For Tax Debt Problems

  • Have you been working hard and failed to withhold?
  • Did your employer not take out enough?

It happens. Tax debt problems are more common than you might think. Especially for small-business owners, it is common to file incorrectly, fail to file or not withhold enough. The amount due becomes insurmountable and falling behind is inevitable.

The pressure of tax debt can be extraordinary, but it is important to face this problem as soon as possible. I am Jennifer LaRese, a Southbury attorney with nearly a decade of debt relief law experience. I help clients in New Haven County, Litchfield County and Fairfield County, Connecticut, with IRS payment plans, offers in compromise and other solutions for tax debt problems.

Call me right away at 203-583-8668. I will not judge you. Since I have helped so many clients with severe tax debt, I understand the challenges you are facing and I can help you find the solutions you need. If you call me early, before things get worse, I can help you explore pre-emptive measures to avoid further problems.

Do Not Ignore Notices From The IRS Or Department Of Revenue Services

I understand how difficult it can be to face serious debt issues head on. Many people simply ignore the notices they receive from the IRS or the state tax authorities because they simply cannot bear to face them. However, the penalties and interest that result from tax arrearages compound exponentially. What starts as a small debt that could make up with a good month can quickly become a mountain of debt if it is not dealt with quickly.

It is extremely important to work with an experienced lawyer to discuss your options — one who routinely works with the tax authorities. I help clients with a range of solutions for tax debts, including:

  • Offers in compromise: It is often possible to work out an offer in compromise with the tax authorities. This option is available for those who are not active in bankruptcy, who timely file their returns and can establish that they do not have the assets to cover their tax debts. I will handle every aspect of your offer in compromise.
  • Repayment plans: For those who cannot file an offer in compromise, there might be the option of a repayment plan.
  • Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be an option to help you find relief from tax debts under a limited set of circumstances. In some cases, bankruptcy is a good option, but not always. It is critical to talk with an attorney to discuss this.

Tax Appeals

I also represent clients in tax appeals. Many people find that their annual tax assessments result in unfairly high tax consequences. There is an appeal process in place to protest property valuations. I have helped many people through this appeals process, and I can help you.

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